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What is "lab"?
Clique Lab is a space for experimentation, play, and collaboration. It’s a space to pursue answers to original questions, be unabashedly creative, and work together in inventive ways.
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Our Mission

Create a space for experimentation, play, and collaboration.

Our driving questions

How can we be intentional about harnessing play to inspire growth?
We believe that creativity depends on fearless experimentation. And by creating a designated space to pursue original projects, we can use play to free ingenuity in ourselves, our community, and our client work.
Where can our developing ideas be shared with the world?
Here! We believe that work-in-progress is worth sharing (and even worth celebrating). Because sometimes, a glimmer of an idea is enough to spark inspiration for something bigger.

Our Vision

Learn new things and challenge the status quo of what makes “good” digital work.

Our driving questions

How can we build new boxes, rather than just think outside of them?
We believe that the best way to push the boundaries of any industry is to invest in turning “what ifs” into reality. That’s why this space focuses on creating, not ideating, and chooses never-been-done over been-there-done-that.