Building a Spline Garden

Janina Boyle
Apr 1, 2024

I wanted to create a virtual garden, complete with 3D flowers, stylized text, and animations as a way for me to familiarize myself with the Spline 3D software and to further expand my 3D and animation skillset.

Adding Stylized Text to the Garden

I wanted to create a “sign” for my garden using a 3D calligraphic style. To achieve this look I utilized the path tool in Spline. First, I added a reference using the text tool and a font that had a similar cursive style. I then made strokes using the path tool and refined them with the bend tool. To complete the look I applied a texture using the Spline material library. Overall, the text came out okay but needs some refinement. This will be something I can build off of as I become more comfortable using the path tool in Spline.

Creating the Flowers

I began with creating the stem for the flower using the path tool and had a fun time exploring the material library for a wood texture. For the flowers I created a base using the cube tool and then used the cloner tool to create the remaining petals. Manipulating the settings allowed me to create a circular pattern for the flower shape.

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Future Plans

As I continue to experiment and create with Spline, my goal is to create an entire virtual garden with an animated POV experience.