Get To Know Us

Aly Raden
Jul 13, 2023

In my role as Digital Communications Strategist, one of my biggest responsibilities is to manage our social media calendar. This often means brainstorming and designing new content. As a member of the design team, I also try to find time to experiment with different styles. Our “Get To Know Us” series on Instagram was born from me attempting to kill two birds with one stone, plus getting to talk about my very cool coworkers.

Get To Know Us

Another part of my job is handling new hire interviews, where I get to learn a lot about my fellow Cliquees. I also love to chat. That is not *exactly* part of my job. This series is a great way to experiment with design styles I wouldn’t normally use at work, get content on the calendar, and put that information to a fun use.

Building fun into the work day

I’ve loved creating these graphics because it gives me a chance to add humor and fun to my everyday while connecting with my coworkers and technically still getting work done and practicing with design.

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It’s great to have a project you own completely to experiment and have fun with. And well, that’s the whole point to Lab! Cheers to committing to creativity!