Fine Art

Instagram Takeover

Aly Raden
Jan 18, 2023

At Clique, our social media team hosts Instagram Takeovers, where one Cliquee gets full creative control to design their own instagram series. We leave it as open-ended as possible to ensure everyone gets a chance to create something unique to themselves and their style. I focused my particular takeover on overcoming perfection paralysis.

How To Make Bad Art

As this series was focused on the value of actually making art, rather than stalling due to the fear of making something “bad,” I challenged myself to design each part the same day it would be posted. The work itself is a practice in what it is meant to teach.

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Digital Collage

Digital collage is a medium that I often work with as an illustrator in my personal life. This Instagram Takeover reflects my style as an artist both inside and outside of work.