Pair Design Challenge

Design Team
Jan 14, 2022

Each month, the design team comes together to spend some time on a unique creative challenge. Working within the parameters of a specific prompt, the design team has the opportunity to flex some creative muscle and try out fresh ideas. Each challenge is one hour (and that includes instructions and sharing!) and the results are always a lot of fun.

The Prompt

For January 2022, everyone on the design team was randomly paired up and given a topic: cars, candy, restaurant, or circus. Using pair design methodologies, each duo collaboratively designed a homepage related to their topic. In less than an hour, each pair was challenged with combining individual design aesthetics and approaches to create a cohesive and creative deliverable.

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Through this challenge, the design team was able to exercise their collaborative skills and uncover fresh ideas that would not have come to fruition in the same way from working solo. The results were exciting, funny, and inspiring.