Level Design Challenge

Design Team
Jul 15, 2022

As a creative agency, one of our biggest initiatives is finding new ways to continue to grow our creativity. And, as a creative agency that specializes in digital, it’s an even bigger challenge. Because digital changes every year, month, and day. It’s a medium that offers solutions other mediums can’t. Sometimes, the solutions feel endless, the possibilities infinite. And that’s…good…right? Well, no (or at least not for creativity), because constraints can actually lead to more creative thinking. So, how can we practice constraint-driven creativity to get better? With creative monthly challenges. In simplest terms: monthly challenges are hour-long activities in which every person must produce something (“something” depends on the team and the prompt).

The Prompt

The prompt for our July 2022 challenge was to use components from the Figma Community to create a video game level. Everyone had the same initial building blocks to provide some boundaries, but the color and layout customization was up to the individual. This challenge was also a practice in using components and variables to enhance creativity.

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