Meta Clique AR

Keymoni Sakil-Slack
Oct 4, 2023

For this project, I questioned how I could leverage Lab to infuse a sense of playfulness into Clique’s social media content. I set out to craft an interesting and fun way for the Lab website to interact with our social media platforms. My secret weapon? Utilizing the creative trifecta of Blender, Metaspark Studio, and Figma.

How It Works

I imported a design made in Figma into Blender, where I transformed the SVG file into the 3D design you currently see on the page. After crafting the shape, I shifted the project to MetaSpark Studio. Although I was unfamiliar with this program, after a bit of trial and error, I made something cool: a Y2K-inspired Instagram filter design.

Try It Out

Click this link to try out the AR Filter. If you’re looking for a challenge, try to find the secret shape on the page. 👀

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This creative journey was really fun. Starting with designing in Figma, I turned it into an cool 3D piece in Blender, and then tackled it through a new software, MetaSpark Studio. The trial and error of using MetaSpark really demonstrated that sometimes, when it comes to problem-solving and adapting to different or new design tools and software, experimentation is the best way to find interesting solutions. There is still room to play a bit more with the project, and I can’t wait!