The Making of Lab

Megan Brabham
Dec 7, 2023

In 2019, we started with an idea to create a space where we could experiment, collaborate, and share work across teams. We believe that creativity depends on fearless experimentation. By creating a designated space to pursue original projects, we use play to foster ingenuity in ourselves, our community, and our client work. We believe that work-in-progress is worth sharing (and even worth celebrating), because sometimes, a glimmer of an idea is enough to spark inspiration for something bigger. Now, after 4 years of discovery, branding, design, and development... it is finally here. Clique Lab is built for us. But it can also be for you — our peers, our partners, and our community. Come in. Get Lost.

A modular typeface that can be broken and reconnected.

These modular elements inform icons & UX elements that give the logo a large range of variability and influence throughout subsequent designs. The type form mirrors that of vintage test tubes and connected chemistry sets. The logotype also takes from the fluid typography made popular in the 60’s and 70’s.

All worthwhile discoveries start out as experiments.

Lab has seen its fair share of experiments. We wanted the creation of Lab to be just as unique and collaborative as the projects it holds. Lab went through a number of discovery sessions sessions, logo designs, color schemes, and web designs. Below you will see a few of these experiments and some of the work we did to get where we are now.

Graphic showing the lab logo was built.
Three iterations of logo designs and color schemes.
A page of the Lab brand book with our vision statement which reads: learn new things and challenge the status quo of what makes "good" digital work. On the righthand page there is a semi circle pattern.
A full view of every spread of the Lab brand book.
Examples of envelope and business card designs. In the lower right side of the image the word "hello" is written using the same custom font as the Lab logo.
A set of nine emojis comprised of the dot and semi circle elements used to make up the logo.
Screenshots of the Lab about page, home page, and project detail page.
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