Translation Exercise

Design Team
Feb 22, 2022

Creative monthly challenges give our design team time for low-pressure experimentation. We find that constraints help us design the most creative work possible, so we take a different prompt each month and spend one hour making something fun.

The Prompt

For February 2022, each designer selected a piece of art as their starting point. Anything was fair game -- a favorite painting, an album cover, or perhaps an inspiring photograph. The only limit was that it not be a piece of digital design. Once those pieces were selected, the challenge then was to translate that work of art into a website. The form and function were up to the designer to determine, so long as the final result was tied to the original piece of inspiration.

a web page design
a collage of a web page design an image of a sunken living room couch
a collage of a webpage design and a vintage poster
No items found.

The Results

We hope you’ve enjoyed these unique site designs!